Event Lighting

Event Lighting

Lighting is a great way to add to the ambience of your event by creating depth, interest and drama.  Consider upgrading your lighting package today to turn your event into something spectacular!

Positioning the lights around the room, behind the dance floor, or along the architectural features of the venue allows us to set the mood for your event while accenting your colors.

Our new, state of the art lights enable us to match any color scheme, create multiple colors at once, and even set the dancing mood by letting the colors fly to the beat of the music!  The lights are small and easily concealed, don’t get hot to the touch, and are portable enough to set up in a short amount of time.

All this adds up to a fantastic event with a beautiful lighting package to go with it!  Check out the picture gallery below with some samples of how upgrading your lighting can make a difference.

For a cost effective way to decorate for your special event, choose one of the Upgraded Lighting packages below.  Whether you use our lighting service as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with our basic DJ packages, you will not be disappointed!

A large room with tables and chairs in it
A room with many tables and chairs in it
A room with purple lighting and tables in it
A three tiered cake with purple lighting in the background.

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