DJ Bios

Nathan Gantverg

Nathan is originally from Columbus, Ohio. Nathan was moved to the valley of the sun by his company.  Subsequently he started Infinity Entertainment and it quickly grew to become one of the most successful disc jockey companies in the valley. The local bride’s magazine “The Knot” did a survey of brides across the Phoenix area and it showed Infinity Entertainment to be one of the top deejay companies in the valley. A big reason for this success is the company’s basic philosophy of excellent service with the goal of exceeding all customer expectations. Nathan and his team of accomplished professionals have achieved an outstanding reputation in the local entertainment community.

Company Owner/Sales Manager

Elicia Gantverg

Elicia Gantverg is from Las Vegas, Nevada and then traveled to TCU and UTA in Texas to pursue her love of musical theater. Entertaining ultimately led her to team up with her brother in Arizona, where she quickly became the Senior Disc Jockey at Infinity.  She continually strives to create extraordinary individual experiences every time she is at an event. Elicia is also the office manager and works tirelessly to maintain premier customer service for our internal and external clients.

Senior Disc Jockey/Office Manager

Bobby Garcia

Tony Lugo


Duval Goley

Wendy Rockett

Michael Martin


Jeff Olson

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