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Powerful Reasons Companies choose Infinity Entertainment for their Special Event!!

FUN INTERACTIVE EVENTS: We have learned from our experiences that some guests at events are not comfortable dancing in front of their co-workers.  That is why it can be helpful to have interactive/team building events to keep your employees and guests involved and visually entertained.

COMPLIMENTARY ITEMS: We are one of the few companies in the valley that will bring complimentary items to every event to pass out during dancing! Please ask for details.

AWARD WINNING CORPORATE PARTY ENTERTAINMENT: Infinity Entertainment is an award winning disc jockey company that has grown to become of the most successful companies in the valley.

PROFESSIONAL CORPORATE DJ’S: One of the most important things is selecting an entertainer who will represent your company in a professional way. Our DJ’s understand the importance of dressing appropriately, and understand the importance of organization as well as time management. We will have the ability to play the appropriate/edited music to match the guest’s needs.

EMPLOYEE BASED COMPANY vs. SUBCONTRACTING: This is something that really separates Infinity Entertainment from most other companies.  You will notice that most disc jockey companies ONLY hire Sub Contractors; because of the obvious that it is cheaper, but this is not necessarily in the best interest of the client. The problem with that, is that it is very difficult to manage quality control of each DJ, because each DJ owns their equipment, which may not be high quality and each one has different philosophies on how to DJ. You can rest assure with Infinity, that each DJ has been professionally trained in the exact same manner and that each DJ will have the exact, high end equipment, along with bringing back up equipment to every event.

FULLY INSURED: We are insured for over $2,000,000, which is required at most venues. This means that there should be no roadblock for us to perform on your specific venue of choice.


  • Google
  • Wells Fargo
  • Cookie Lee Inc.
  • John C. Lincoln
  • Liberty Mutual
  • American Express
  • Costco
  • P.F. Changs
  • F.B.I.
  • Intel
  • Phoenix Police Department
  • Sears
  • Capital Pacific Homes
  • Credit Union West
  • Hunter Engineering
  • Helix Electric
  • KB Homes
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Scottsdale Health

Classic and Animation Monograms

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If you are looking for something New and Different to have at your corporate event a monogram light is a perfect way to accomplish that goal! We offer both “Classic” and “Animated” Monograms. Monograms are a great way to personalize any event. We use video projectors or gobo projectors to animate or to project monograms in color or white. You are able to put the monogram on walls, ceiling or the dance floor. You can have your company logo or a custom logo design displayed.

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